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   Visual tailgate Indicator

Patent pending

Is your tailgate shut ? 

With GATE-GUARD just look in your drivers mirror, and you will be sure

The most common problem with tailgates not locking is there is something between the gate and body -. rocks, roots, sticks, dirt, or just forgetting to lock the gate before getting loaded. GATE-GUARD lets you know. Look in the mirror before you lock the gate if you do not see the indicator the gate is tight agenst the body.

When you are getting loaded look to see if the gate opens.
Once you get use to it being there. It simply takes looking in the mirror.

GATE-Guard is 100% mechanical.( No switches to fail. No wiring nightmares.)



Simple to install.

GATE-GUARD is located about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the tailgate and it is mounted on the left side of the body.( The lower it is the more sensitive it becomes.)

gate 0pen

When something is between the tailgate and the body, a highly-visible florescent
green tag is visible in the drivers mirror.

A spring loaded pin is pushed in by the tailgate to hold the tag out of sight when the gate is tight against the body.

gate closed

When the indicator is properly installed, the tailgate only needs to be 1/2"or less away from the body when the indicator starts to be visible.

Added benefits

GATE-GUARD lets you know when and if the tailgate opened while dumpimng a load.
You won't need to keep looking between your tires to see if material is coming out of your body

It is reassuring to know that you can look in your side mirror after hitting a big bump or expansion joint in the road and see that the gate is still closed.


is not part of the locking mechanism

will not tell you your gate is locked

GATE-GUARD will let you know when you gate is tight against the body.

Does the driver know his gate is open ?

GATE-GUARD works on almost all dump trucks and dump trailers. ( It will not work on cantilever rock gates) The standard kit will fit 99% of all body types. ( Specialty kits are available)

The GATE-GUARDcan be welded to steel body's or it can be bolted on with 3/8" self tapping bolts that are supplied with the kit. ( Aluminum body's the indicator and strike plate brackets have to be bolted on)


Fully adjustable strike plate adjusts from 1.5" to 7".  The main frame is made of 3/16" steel.  The strike plate and tailgate brackets are made of 1/4" steel.  The pin is 5/8". All included hardware are grade 8. 

Gate-Guard is made handle the constant punishment of slamming the tailgate.

Available in powder coated gloss black or silver/ aluminum.


Prototype during testing Even when covered with mud and road grime the face of the indicator stays fairly clean ( NOTE This unit was replaced after two years with a production model .)

It happened to me
A piece of frost got stuck between the body and the tailgate keeping it the gate about 1/2" away fom the body and not allowing the gate to lock completely.
I was hauling 3/4" stone. I went about one mile before the gate poped open.
Seven cars were damaged.
This is why I invented GATE-GUARD

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